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A meeting place for brands and audiences.

Hello there

I deliver Creative Strategy to organisations like yours

I've lived the NZ advertising market from every angle - from marketing roles for brands like Hewlett Packard and PlayStation, to sales strategy roles that punched above their weight at NZME and Bauer Media, to my current love, delivering campaigns that shift product and consideration points for my clients.

I'm passionate about connecting great brands with the right trade and consumer audiences through the delivery of effective sales and marketing strategies.


I specialise in bringing together unexpected tangents to create new solutions that enable organisations to deliver growth through messaging.

What I love most is saying 'What if we could make this work?" ... Then doing it.

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Here's what I offer

Hawker.Agency exists to allow me to work with brands seeking growth to solve real-world problems with data-backed creative insights.
My heart lies in Sales and Marketing, while my background in IT, Digital, and Logistics means that I deliver solutions that work across the business.

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strategic support

An extension to your team, offering an outside perspective informed by 20 years of experience.

Strategy // Communications // Planning // Service Delivery // Presentations // Reporting

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Data’s nothing without insight, and in my career I’ve found that delivering new thinking is the single most important driver for brands seeking growth.

My ability to blend data, creativity, and insights has seen my employers and clients on the stage at Awards nights, and - more importantly - in profitable growth.

There's nothing more satisfying.


Margaret Hawker

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Auckland, New Zealand

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